How to Shop on a Budget

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We went on a shopping spree with a budget! It’s the holiday season but do we really need an excuse to shop? Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself. Come join Empower Your Budget! We’ll talk about the ways to stay within your budget and still shop.

Are you ready? Let’s go :)

As many would think, the first way is to go to thrift stores or discount stores. Thrift stores are so much fun as they give you a wide variety of options from home decor to clothes. The most known stores are Goodwill, Salvation Army, or St. Vinnies to name a few. However to check out stores near you head over to this website and try shopping at thrift/ discount shores.

Thrift and discount stores are all around great options that allow you to get more for your money. Shoppers can think of the excitement of shopping much like a treasure hunt. Also check the stores for even more deals and specialties.

Another option much like thrift and discount stores are outlet stores. These stores are perfect for those who love name brands but don’t like the price. Definitely check out these stores first for great deals and finds.

Speaking of deals, make sure to wait for clearance and specials for the best savings. Here are some great resources to help find what you are looking for!

Check out these great resources for finding deals, saving money, and even getting cash back.

  • Fetch: Who doesn’t love cash back?! Simply scan receipts and get points. These points will add up allowing users to get gift cards. These cards can be redeemed at stores like Amazon, Athleta, Best Buy, Lululemons, Starbucks, Target, Uber, Visa, Walmart, to name a few!

  • Capital One Shopping: Much like Fetch, Capital One Shopping searches the internet finding the best coupons to get money off shopping. Install as a browser extension and every time you check out this program will search the vast resources for better prices. Simply click this link and sign up today for easy savings.

  • Shop It To Me: Do you have that one item you can’t wait to get your hands on? Want a whole shopping list of items? Check out Shop It To Me. Quoted as a ‘Personal Sale Shopper’ the site will simply search for a specific item and alert you with any pricing updates. Simply favorite any items you are looking at and make sure to put in options like specific colors, sizing and other options. Check out this website to find more details and sign up here!

Budgeting for Luxury

Still want that Gucci bag, or Louis Vuitton handbag? Maybe it's just those really cute shoes that cost a pretty penny. Luxury items are called luxury for a reason. Meant for an extravagant lifestyle these items are not meant to be easily bought like groceries or basic clothing. Instead these luxury items can be bought but should be saved up for and not break the bank. Splurging is fun and it can be exciting to have the new up and coming Louis Vuitton but one must be careful when buying. While Empower Your Budget pushes people to go for more cost affordable options, luxury items can be fun. Here are a few suggestions we have before you make that big purchase.

1: Wait 72 hours: We know, we know… 72 hours is such a long time, however practicing this patience can really help buyers understand if they really need this purchase or it is a spur of the moment purchase.

2: Don’t spend more than 10% of your yearly income! Must like the car rule of thumb (don't spend more than 20% of your income) luxury items should not be as expensive as a car. Thus why we advise a 10% rule. This means if your salary is $40,000 one should not spend more than $4,000 on a single item.

3: Do your research! We know it's fun to splurge but understanding such a big purchase one should really understand this product in and out.

Budgeting for luxury does not have to be hard. It is okay and totally fine to spend money on a big purchase, but one must be conscious and have full understanding of one's purchase. Think back to your first car purchase, or maybe you are still waiting to buy your first car. Are you just going to buy the first car on the lot? Do you care if it is lime green, or hot pink? What if it is a stick shift or the brakes don’t work? For most car buyers these are simple preferences buyers have prior to deciding on a car. This is much like luxury buying, one should not go in just buying whatever they see. Instead, understanding the product/ service is vital to getting the worth out of a luxury or high priced item.

Final Thoughts

Shopping, dreaded for some or a splurge for others, surrounds our daily life. We are consumed with advertisements and products from companies. From being the latest and greatest product to simple necessities one must understand their budget and spend wisely to not spin down the debt shopping spiral.

One of the best ways to still splurge with lower priced items include going to discount, thrift and outlet stores. These stores offer amazing products at a great deal allowing spenders to buy more products with a lower price. Another method is making sure to check out those store deals, sales and clearances. From a few dollars to a significant percentage discount these options can save you quite a lot of money. We understand doing all of this research can be difficult so Empower your budget found three great resources to use for shopping. Make sure to use Fetch, Capital One Shopping, and Shop It To Me now!

Is there one item you want in your life super badly? It may be that one of a kind jersey or the next new phone. Make sure to still use the resources above but it's okay to spend on higher priced items. However, budgeters must really understand their product and their reason for buying the product. Some tactics to help include waiting 72 hours, not spending more than 10% of your yearly income, and most importantly doing your research.

Shopping is great and the thrill of finding new products can be very enjoyable. However nothing is worse than swiping a card and getting declined, or being trapped in loads of credit card debt. Empower Your Budget understands the love of spending and we advise using tools and methods reported above to help you shop smartly. Not only will you be more relieved not having the post shopping regret, but your wallet and bank account will thank you.


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