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Empower Your Budget here and today we're going to recommend some great budgeting and money management resources. The one great thing about budgeting is it is all up to you! These resources and tools provided by budgets can be customized and fine-tuned to any situation. Empower Your Budget does the best we can to cover all topics, but here are some other great resources we use and love to learn from!

** Important message: We are not endorsed, paid, or sponsored in any way by these resources. These opinions are reflected solely on the thoughts of Empower Your Budget. Please pick and choose what resources you like. There is no right or wrong way to use/ learn from these tools.

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One of the best sites for investing but overall anything finance and money management related. We love Investopedia for its easy-to-understand articles that stay current and are updated frequently. Along with that, the articles explain complex topics simply while also growing one's knowledge. The most unique feature is their 'Key Takeaways' sections for those who want the quick facts without a read. Our favorite articles come from the Budgeting & Savings category. Here are a few to start you off!

Of course, this is not all their articles. Check them out and learn the amazing aspects finance has to teach us. Empower Your Budget loves this resource and hopes you find it helpful too!

Investor.gov Calculators

The Compound Interest Calculator by Investor.gov is one of Empower Your Budget’s favorite tools for investing. This is especially great for figuring out the amount to invest per month for your retirement. The calculators are not limited to just compound interest, there is also a savings goal, required minimum distribution, and college savings. When first understanding your money and learning to save or invest these calculators come in handy. The detail is unlike other websites as the information is laid out neatly and in multiple formats and data sheets to accommodate layouts to whatever suits the user's needs best. Linked below are the calculators.

Call to Leap

Now if you're a TikTok fan like us you may know this next one! Also known by the name of

‘Steve Financial Freedom Coach’ or the ‘Teacher Who Quit His Job Being Financially Free at 33’. Amazing as he is, Steve also provides valuable information through creative content platforms. The bite-sized information is knowledgeable, impactful, easy to follow, and just entertaining. Check out Call to Leap Website, informational content is also available on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook! Linked below are our favorite TikToks, make sure to check them out!

Mark Tilbury

Similar to Call to Leap Mark Tilbury is one of the best TikTokers for successful money management. As a self-made millionaire, Tilbury provides information from investing, debunking ‘rich people’ myths, money psychology, and more. Along with his TikTok information can also be found on his Youtube and Podcast with his son. Check all the resources here for our TikTok recommendations.

Popcorn Finance

For all the podcast fans do not worry I have the perfect resource! Now, this is our favorite finance podcast for sure. This insightful podcast summed up states, “Where We Discuss Finance in About the Time it Takes to Make a Bag of Popcorn". Our favorite topics include the F.I.R.E. Movement, Investing 101, and the Side Hustle Series. This podcast can be found on any platform you listen to podcasts from Google Podcasts, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. The website includes other information like current readings, a connection page, and links to other social media platforms. Learn more on YouTube and Instagram now with that being said check out our favorite episodes!

Honorable Mention: Side Hustle Nation

The side hustle show podcast logo

This honorable mention is technically not a budget/ money management resource but one of my favorite podcasts to get inspired and learn about all things entrepreneurial. We have learned so many different side hustles and ways people have made money in unique circumstances. From more common methods from flipping furniture/ houses to drop shipping/ eCommerce of products, you may have not even known existed. We highly recommend this podcast as you will surely learn something new and get those creative thoughts flowing. Episodes can be found on any podcast streaming service or directly from their website. Here are our favorite episodes we recommend.


The four main resources talked about above are highly recommended by Empower Your Budget. Websites like Investopedia and Investor.gov calculators can help crunch numbers for your budget and give extra information on concepts and ways to customize the budgeting tool to best fit you. If you are a TikTok fan make sure to check out Mark Tilbury and Call to Leap as they create easy-to-understand fast clips to help understand all aspects of finances and money use. Finally for those podcast lovers check out Popcorn Finance for quick episodes related to all tips and tricks related to your money. If you would like longer episodes in an interview style, check out Side Hustle Nation and learn about the entrepreneurial ways of people like you who took the step and started. With any of these resources, there is plenty to learn. These tools are here for your benefit. The best part about an abundance of resources is being able to pick and choose what works best and is styled towards you best!

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