Automated Budgeting… Yes Please!

The Master Money Program by Empower Your Budget knows most do not like to budget. People are busy and sometimes finances are the last thing you want to do at the end of the month. Well... have no fear the Master Money Monthly Budget solves this problem by creating the ultimate FREE guide. (Which can be found here or in the Templates Tab above!). This will take the hassle out of budgeting making it simple, fast, and easy.

To understand the budget layout and the first tab click here or check out the blog article titled “Starting the Budgeting Journey”. In this article, we will talk about the next two tabs ‘Data and Breakdown’. Do you want to know the best part? They are automated! Yes! This means you have to do nothing and everything will be broken down and organized for you. How great is that?!

Previously we talked about the ‘Form’ tab. Once the information from this tab is input the data will automatically be put in the ‘Data’ tab this simply lays out all transactions for the month. From there the breakdown tab will separate to categorize each transaction. It will also autofill and sum up the amounts for all categories. This makes it easy to see an overview of all income, expenses, and debt, savings, investing transactions in one spot. These categories are also great as it will show each transaction helping you understand money even better.

Master Money Monthly Budget Program Template Data tab. Headings show data collected including date, amount, Income/ expense, category, and description.

Master Money monthly budget program budget breakdown. Takes information and automatically placing information into specified categories and totaling monthly amounts.

The final step to understanding this template is in the next article linked here. To find other blog posts about our FREE Master Money Budget Template and Master Money Yearly Overview check out the blog category ‘Guide.’ To download the templates click the link here, or the tab above labeled ‘Templates.’ For more help and personalized services click the ‘Support’ tab for options.


Master money so money cannot master you.