Let's Empower Your Budget!

Hello, Megan Lyn here. I am a senior in college preparing for the real world. As a finance student money management skills have always piqued my interest.  My all-time favorite tool... budgeting.  Many may steer clear of this topic due to ideas of it being too complex or not knowing where to start, but now Empower Your Budget is here. This blog is here to help those understand money giving them the control back to them. I'd love to help you out! join for the journey. Below are services provided to help you out!

Making a budget and knowing where to start can be overwhelming, we are here to help! In this session we will analyze your financial situation, create goals, and make a custom budget for you to help succeed in your money mastering journey. And do not worry if you already have your own budget and just have some questions we are here to help! Let's chat :)

** Your are not charged for emailing us questions or comments, we will send you a verification email before a one on one session!

Price: $50/hr

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